What is important if you copy a high-frequency strategy?

If you would like to copy orders from scalping
strategy (or any other high-frequency
strategy), you should use reliable
trade copier with low latency.  The best
solution is PowerTradeCopier. PowerTradeCopier works with no delay. If you know
master (general) password for master terminal, the task is simplified
You can use PowerTradeCopier with STP add-on.  In this case your copying time is not depending from the master
execution time.
The speed of trade placement, and any slippage,
will depend from the latency to your slave broker. If your slave broker has
better execution time, order will be open on slave early the on master.

If you use PowerTradeCoper with
STP add-on, you Mater MT4 terminal should be running with master password on
the same PC (or VPS) with PowerTradeCopier. For PowerTradeCopier you should use
investor password.

If you do not know master (general) password for master terminal, your copying time depends from master broker execution time plus slave broker execution time. For this reason you should be more attentive to the PowerTradeCopier setting.


I recommend you to try slippage = 5 and check how many order will not be copied due to slippage.

I recommend you to use “Copy with slave price” parameter only if for you is very important to copy orders with no slippage, but for this reason not all orders will be copied.

StopLoss and TakeProfit

If you use short SL or(and) TP, we recommend to use “correct low TP level” and (or) “correct low SL level”. These settings will help you to avoid errors, if your broker has  limitation for distance between SL and TP and price. 

If you use this settings, trade copier will move SL and TP on minimal allowed distance. Instead, you can use a hidden SL and TP, in this case copier will send SL or TP as market order. 


Request FREE fully functional trial PowerTradeCopier with STP add-on via email: support@multiterminal.net