Trade Copiers Review

Ilmari Kolehmainen  Jun, 2013

I am a forex accounts manager given that 2003. I utilize several of high-frequency trading robotics and also manual trading. My customers have accounts with MT4 brokers, Dukascopy (Jforex) and Currenex. The excellence of any money supervisor relies on the trading technique and account administration device (trade copier or multiterminal). I would certainly like to share my experience being used trade photo copiers. Throughout my job as an account supervisor, I examined most likely most field photo copiers.

My criteria for deciding on a photo copier:

1. Can be used with various MT4 brokers (market / instantaneous implementation; 4/5 digits; various money signs; standard and micro accounts with any sort of whole lot step);.
2. Low latency;.
3. Reliability. How vital is security when you know in your management regarding M of clients’ money, and at this point the copier stops working because of the advancements of meta quotes firm.
4. Duplicates signals of robotics and also manual professions;.
5. A number of finance choices for managed accounts (Essential: Whole lot scaling, percent from account harmony);.
6. The chance to not keep starting investing terminals;.
7. The chance to press the stop loss and take revenue on taken care of accounts on the rate proximity enabled by broker;.
This point extremely important for heading techniques with short cease loss or (and)take profit. If your photo copier does not allow this, you will miss a lot of orders on taken care of accounts.
8. Opportunity to replicate order with exact same price;.
9. Comments modification;.
10. The ability to duplicate orders to various other, non MT4, platforms.
11. The potential to manage MT4 accounts without password. You need this potential, if you manage US accounts.

I constructed a checklist of demands in order of importance to me, from the more crucial to lesser. I believe any kind of manager would certainly agree with my requirements on 100 %. I do not really want to publish anything bad concerning the field photo copiers on which I eventually left.

1. CopyTool ( )this tool a lot 80 % of my creameries and has married couple limits:.
You should keep starting MT4 terminals. It is not so vital if you handle up to 5-7 accounts.

2. PowerTradeCopier ( – this tool considerably 100 % of my creameries. I use PowerTradeCopier within 3 years for MT4 accounts and 6 months for Currenex and Jforex.