Trade Copier for High Frequency Strategies

Currently, high-frequency strategies have grown in popularity. But if you’re managing multiple accounts or sell forex signals
for the convenience you needs copier capable of
the signal without delay
on the slave account. Trade copiers
working on scripts or expert advisors are always has latency about 0.3 -0.5 sec
plus execution time on master account and plus execution time on slave account.
In order to obtain
a zero latency, four years ago
we have developed PowerTradeCopier. This tool  has been successfully used by hundreds of forex money
managers, forex signal providers, and forex brokers around the world. Next we
can show you difference between standard copier and PowerTradeCopier.

Broker execution time explanation

When you expert advisor gives the command to open order, or you press button “Open Order” manually, order does not open immediately and goes through four several stages.

But the challenge was to reduce the execution time introduced by the broker. For this reason we have developed STP-add-on for PowerTradeCopier. This add-on allows to intercept order before it is sent from theMT4 terminal to the MT4  server.

If you use PowerTradeCopier with STP Add-on, orders requests  to master MT4 server and to slave MT4 servers (or JForex, Currenex, Lmax, CitiFX, ADSS…) will be simultaneously! And your copying latency not depends from master account execution time.

That is interesting:  If your slave account has better execution time then master account, order on slave account opens faster than on master account.