STP Add-on explanation

All trade copier send trades to sub-accounts when trade is  opened on master account. Imean when mt4 server has accepted order. Sometimes for trader very important to send trades simultaneously to all terminals. For this reason we have developed STP add-on. STP addon – BJF Trading Group know how. This addon allows trader to send all arders simultaneously to all metatraders. At this case order on slave account (sub-account) can be opened early then order on master account and execution time depends only from broker.

Who need this add-on

STP add-on will be useful for signal providers who use scalping strategies. With stp addon all your clients will receive signals on time without any delay. And if your strategy is profitable on master account it will be profitable on sub-accounts too. This approach allows you to keep existing clients and involve new clients.

How it works

STP add-on works with PowerTradeCopier Copier mode and Provider mode as well. It catches order when MT4 terminal sends signal to MT4 server and PowerTradeCopier at this time sends orders to all subaccounts.