Smart Synchronization

Very often, when you start trade copier or add new master account, master account already has open trades. For this reason, professional trade copier has an option for synchronization, and trader can select from two options: copy old (trade, which was opened before) trades or not.

However, sometimes you need the opportunity to copy only trades, which was opened recently. For this reason, we have developed the smart synchronization tool for PowerTradeCopier, which allows you to set time the depth of which copier must copy orders.

For example, on master account has been opened three orders:
1st – 1 hour ago
2d – 2 hours ago
3d – 3 hours ago
And you would like to copy only 1st order. For this reason, you should set time = 1 hour and press “Synh” button.

If you do not want to copy old orders, you should press “No” button.