Reversing theory. Reverse Forex Signal Copying

a forex market where 95% of traders fail, it seems a good opportunity to simply
reverse the trades of the losers and make profit. PowerTradeCopier has built-in
reverse module and it is very easy to reverse signal from master account and
copy it to slave accounts. But it is not really so simple task. 

Reverse trading

Example 1

For example if your strategy open short
GBPUSD order 1.60539 with StopLoss =0 and TakeProfit = 1.56000

PowerTradeCopier with active “reverse” will copy long  order 1.60549 with StopLoss 1.56000 and TakeProfit 0  instead short order.

Example 2

If your strategy open buy  EUR USD order 1.35286 with StopLoss =1.31000 and TakeProfit = 1.37500

PowerTradeCopier with active reverse will open short EURUSD order 1.35179 with StopLoss 1.37500 and TakeProfit 1.31000  instead long order.

PowerTradeCopier Reverse Module – Common Rules

  • Buy order copied to sell order
  • Sell order copied to buy order
  • Buy Stop copied as Sell Limit order
  • Sell Stop copied as Buy Limit order
  • Buy Limit copied as Sell Stop order
  • Sell Limit copied as Buy Stop order
  • StopLoss and Take Profit swapped

Why not all strategies can be successfully reverse


  • High Frequency Expert Advisors (Scalping EAs)  – difficult reversing trades due to difference in copying and reversing trades and trading them in a new account. Time taken can have market difference in price. You can avoid this problem using PowerTradeCopier with STP add-on. (You should know main password for master terminal)
  • Loosing expert advisors also sometimes have a series of very good trades.  It’s  difficult to find a consistently loosing EA, which can be reversed
  • Markets change and even a losing strategy will sooner or later may become profitable and stuff is all random

What kind of Expert Advisor will be better for reversing?

  • Expert advisor should meet all these criteria:
  • Trend based expert advisors
  • Not scalping strategy or scalping reversed with STP add-on
  • Trading frequency: 15-20 trades per day
  • Fixed SL and TP
  • No time limitations

The whole logic behind reverse copying appears unusual. For example, technical traders make use of a bunch of signs to find a pattern and open the respective position: to reverse that efficiently one has to in fact reverse the indication. But that implies you should reverse mathematical laws.

Reverse copying  it is not  Grail and is not an easy method will be enriched. By choosing a strategy for reversing the need to come up with the same responsibility as well as to select a profitable strategy for copying.  PowerTradeCopier will be indispensable in the first and in the second case.

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