PowerTradeCopier Trader Mode: How to improve your trading performance

If you have provitable strategy, or you have investor access to account with profitable strategy, you can improve trading performance for 0.5-1 pips /each order using PowerTradeCopier Trader Mode.

PowerTradeCopier has 2 modes: Copier mode* and Provider mode**

I would like to introduce a new mode: Trader mode (or Aggregator Mode)

In this mode copier sends order just to one slave with better price. For example, if master account open buy, copier will compare prices on all slave accounts and send order to slave with lower price. If master account open sell order, copier will send order to slave account with higher price.

PowerTradeCopier trader mode -

 You can use not only MT4 account as a slave accounts, but FIX Accounts as well:

Currenex, HotSpot, Interactive Brokers (IB)*, LMAX, ADS Securities, Fortex (Marex), MIG Bank, CitiFX, SwissCode, Saxobank, Comerzbank….

Feel free to contact us for more information: support@multiterminal.net

* – Copier mode was designed for traders working with multiple accounts simultaneously, money managers, etc. If you know the passwords to the slave accounts, this type is suitable for you. For Copier mode you can and should add all information about slave accounts, included: account number, trader password, copying parameters (lot scaling, symbol’s type, filters) on your side. Program have only one part and should be installed only on master side.

**- Provider mode was designed for Forex signals sellers. Also this mode well suited for money management, if your customers do not want to provide you with trader password. Program is consist from two parts. First part should be installed on your side (master part) and you should enter account numbers only for all slave accounts. You can add, delete, block unblock any slave account any time. Second part (slave part) should be installed on remote (your customer’s) computer and your customer should enter password and copying parameters.