PowerTradeCopier: Risk control for several expert advisors

Very often traders use somebody else’s MT4 accounts to copy transactions on their own account or the accounts of their customers. In this case, the trader doesn’t have full access to the account, only account number and investor password. In order to manage such a copying more reasonably, you need to examine how many robots are installed to the terminal. It can be attained because each robot has its unique magic-number. After analyzing the number of robots installed, and the performance of each robot, you can understand which robot has a higher risk factor, which robot has a lower risk factor, and then you will be able control their risks by using PowerTradeCopier.

There are two ways to do this. For example, you have one Master Terminal and three Expert Advisors. You want to copy transactions from first Expert Advisor in 1:1 ratio, but you want to reduce the risk and copy transactions from second Expert Advisor with smaller slot (0.5 lot), and increase the risk while copying from third Expert Advisor to two lots.

The first way is to add your MT (same account, same investor password) to PowerTradeCopier three times.

For first MT you will forbid transactions from
second and third EA according to their magic-numbers, then,
PowerTradeCopier will copy transactions only from first EA and you will
have an opportunity to adjust it or use one of our Money Management
Systems. Same principle applies for second and third MT.

Another way is to add different comment to each EA and filter by the comments. It is also convenient.

The second way is to run three licenses for Power Trade Copier. Install Power Trade Copier in three different folders, run them, and add your MT in each license (each PTC) to adjust different settings for different EA.
It is up to you to decide which way is easy-to-use, but both will work correctly, so you will be able to control your risks.