PowerTradeCopier Provider and Copier Mode

Difference between two modes

We are receiving a lot of emails with one question: “what is a difference between PowerTradeCopier provider and copier mode“. I would like to explain it in details. First of all which mode do you need depends only from one thing – do you know passwords for sub- accounts (slave account) or not.

If you know passwords – copier mode will work for you. You can copy trades via internet! For example if you are located in Sweeden, your client in Poland and you know password. You can copy trades in copier mode. I will say more, your MT4 terminal (master terminal) can be located in 3d place,  for example in UK.

The question is why do we need provider mode for trade copier. You need provider mode only if you do not know passwords for sub- accounts. In this case, you should buy PowerTradeCopier provider mode and install it on your PC or VPS.
After installation you will be identified as master. Then you can send download link to the same installer for your clients. Second and subsequent installations will be identified as slaves. Useful?

With  master rights you can:

  • add / delete subaccounts
  • block / unblock subaccounts
  • make all adjustments

With slave rights your clients able to adjust lot scalping options only.

If some of your customers to provide a password and some not, you can use provider mode too. Powertradecopier in provider mode can work as trade copier in copier mode. For this reason you do not need to buy two licenses.