MT4 Bridge, or Trade Copier, or Social Network

Our company has developed a lot of products for traders, money managers, and forex brokers. Which one will be better for your needs.

You are forex broker and you would like to manage your risk. A lot of forex brokers use our trade copier “PowerTradeCopier” to copy some toxic trades to another brokers, but the best solution for you is our mt4 bridge. You can create mt4 group with manual execution and use our mt4 bridge to copy all toxic trades to clearing account. And andvery good news: for clearing account you can use standard trading MT account or FIX API account.

MT4 bridge on manager api

If you are money manager and you manage clients account from different brokerage companies and your clients are happy to provide you with their accounts credentials (account #, trader (main) password), the best solution for you is “PowerTradeCopier” Copier mode. And andvery good news too: you can copy trades from your master MT4 account not only to other MT4 account, but for FIX API accounts too (FIX API add-on is required).

We aloso have professional PAMM platform for forex brokers.

You are signal provider or money manager but your clients do not want to provide main password for their accounts. In this case you have 2 ways: PowerTradeCopier Provider mode or Social network platform. Yes, correct. We will install and adjust Social network like myfxbook specially for you. You will be able to share your performance, and create forex signals follower community. Social network platform also available for brokers (based on manager api).

Good luck!