How to use PowerTradeCopier with STP add-on

The main advantage of using STP add-on is copying  orders from MT4 to MT4, or(and) to Currenex, LMax, ADSS… with no latency or with outrunning. Order can be opened on slave earlier then on slave. STP add-on will be very usefull, if you would like to copy trades to non MT4 brokers (Currenex, DukasCopy, LMax, ADSS,  Fortex (Marex), MIG Bank, CitiFX, SwissCode) via FIX API add-on. Most probably the trades will be executed faster on non MT4 slave than on master account.

First of all I would like to explain, you can use PowerTradeCopier with STP addon for any MT4 broker: ECN, not ECN; with market or instant execution.
But your master MT4 terminal should be installed and running on the same PC or VPS with PowerTradeCopier and Master MT4 terminal should be running with master (traders) password.
If you have several master accounts and do not have master passwords for all of them, you can add some master via stp add-on and other without stp-add-on.

If you do not use STP-addon, you do not need to install and run MT4 master and slave terminals and it will be enough to have only investor (read only) password for master MT4 terminal(s).

I will explain step by step how to set stp add-on.
Press “Add master” button, and select “STP”
If you do not have “STP” radiobutton, contact our tech support:

Select terminal.exe file location for your master MT4 terminal.

Press “Check” button. If you have specified correct path to your master MT4 terminal, trade copier will find correct server and account # (login)

You can copy trades to MT4 slaves or select FIX API broker

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