How to use MT4 Expert Advisor for Currenex

A lot of big brokerage (prime brokers) companies offer accounts for institutional clients only, but several of them are open for individuals. In most cases they are not provide MT4 platform for autotrading, but   offer access via FIX API. It is very difficult to rewrite expert advisor from mql4 language to C or Delphi and use it via fix api protocol. Expert Advisors use build-in indicators, functions etc.  For this reason, best way to use expert advisor under MT4 control and copy trades via FIX API.

Video about MT4 -FIX API Bridge

Expert Advisor under MT4 control with MT4 feed

First and easiest way is run expert advisor on MT4 quotes. A lot of brokerage companies have direct channell for quotes and you will have fast feed. BJF Trading Group has develpoped MT4 Terminal -> FIX API bridge as add-on for PowerTradeCopier, and you can add MT4 with your expert advisor as a master accounts and use fix api broker as a slave account.

The benefit of this method – you can adjust and test MT4 EA, using build-in MT4 tester / optimiser.

Limitations: difference between Mt4 quotes and prime broker quotes. 

Expert Advisor under MT4 control with FIX API feed

Second way, when you want to use feed from fix api broker. It is possible to, if you have source code for your ea, but extra coding is required.  We can force your EA work on fix api broker quotes, but under mt4 control.

What are the benefits you get by working with prime broker via fix api

1. high speed execution;
2. guaranted non dealing desk execution;
3. broker plays on your side.

1. usually broker require minimal deposit 10-50k
2. usually minimal lot 1 standard lot with step 0.1
3. not so useful account stats