How to successfully use Trade Copier for successful forex strategies?

If you have access to successful forex strategy, you can repeat it on your trading account if you have professional trade copier. When I say “access”. I mean you have account # and investor password.

Firs of all you need to check trades duration and execution time on master account. You should understand that it is impossible to copy any arbitrage strategies, but it is still possible to copy scalping strategies.

How to evaluate orders execution time?

You can check MT4 log and find time difference between time when order was sent to server and time when order was accepted by server. If this time difference around 70ms – in major cases this account, I mean master account, in B-book or it is demo account. You should understand, some strategies can be profitable only on demo account or b-book account where execution time almost instant.

Good MT4 ecn/dma/stp brokers have execution time around 100-150ms (two time higher then b-book brokers).

How to find good broker for slave account?

If your master account is successful and it is true ecn, you have good chance to copy this strategy and repeat successful result on your account. You need to open account with true ecn broker with good execution time. Usually good execution time has broker with liquidity provider without last look. It means that broker accepts orders from you without confirmation from banks. For example, liquidity providers like hot spot and has no last look.

You should also compare spreads on master and slave accounts. It is good idea to have slave account with lower spread.

Another way to reduce execution time for you slave account -open FIX API account. FIX API protocol several times faster then MT4 protocol and chain between you and liquidity provider shorter. Professional trade copiers like PowerTradeCopier has possibility to copy trades from MT4 accounts to MT4 accounts and FIX API accounts as well.

Some brokers now offer FIX API accounts with low initial deposit and if you are not ready to open 10-20k account, you can find brokers who offer FIX API account with minimal balance from 2k and some times from couple hundreds.

With FIX API  or fast MT4  slave account you have good chance to copy scalping strategy on your account with performance comparable with master account.

I recommend you to do the same if you would like to copy non scalping strategy as well and you will save some money for good bottle of wine. 🙂

Good luck!