How to mirror trade from 3d party account with MT4 Copier

If you have found  account with profit proof and would like to mirror trade on your account, it is possible with mt4 copier. What do you need to know? You should to know: brokerage company, account 3 and read only password. It is all.   If you not find account # and investor (read only) password for this system on monitoring page, try to request it from system seller.

You can buy mt4 copier and set 3d party system as master account and copy trades to your account. You can mirror trade as there is, or you can change some parameters.
First of all check account size and drawdown for the system. If drawdown acceptable for you, you should adjust only lot scaling option according your account size. For example if etalon account size 10 000 (leverage 1:100), your account size 20 000 (leverage 1:100), scaling coefficient should be 2. etc.
If drawdown smaller or bigger than you want, increase or reduce lot size for trade mirroring. You aslo can adjust one of several money managment options for your account(s).

Second. If etalon system with comments, you can overwrite comments. This option will be useful if you would like to resell forex signals.

You also  can overwrite StopLoss and TakeProfit, or move them for couple pips, or hide them This steps will help you to make your accounts differ from  etalon account. 

All this options and other options and filters  are available in PowerTradeCopier software.

You can view video about other filters available in PowerTradeCopier