Copying orders through the Internet

The concept of copying orders through the Internet was introduced after appearance of first MT4 trade copiers, based on Expert Advisors and MQL4 scripts.

While working with trade copier you must keep all of your MT4 terminals operating, for the script to request them in a preset interval (with frequency no more than 0.5-1 seconds), then if there is any difference between master terminal and subaccount detected, script will open\close orders depending on the type of the difference. Master script sends transaction details through ftp-protocol or publishes them on php-page, while subaccount script reads this information.

This kind of copying has quite a few disadvantages:

Delay can reach several seconds (script delay, because it’s not event-driven, but requesting + transaction transfer through the Internet + data transfer to subaccount). 2-3-second delay of opening\closing the orders won’t matter while working with big targets (100 points and more), but if you copy a scalping system; this delay can lead to the loss of dozens of pips.

New copying systems like PowerTradeCopier are working in a different way.

PowerTradeCopier has two modes: copier mode and provider mode.
You should opt for copier mode if you know all passwords to your subaccounts (that is, you can also use the client’s account). This mode will work when the terminal is installed on the same computer as a copier. Master terminal can be installed on one computer, while a copier on another or on VPN. Subaccounts can be closed. You can even not keep your Master terminal operated. It is enough to know an investor’s password of profitable account, login through PowerTradeCopier, specify lot scaling, and all information will be copied to another accounts.

Provider mode is suitable for those who have no access to account passwords. In this case, you should install PowerTradeCopier on your computer or VPS, and after first startup, this Copier will become a master program with all privileges. Then you can send this installer to your clients, and all subsequent copies of the program will be defined as a subaccounts, with limited possibilities. The client can enter a password and configure the copy settings, but cannot see other accounts or control them. This is useful for signal providers. You can distribute copies of your installer among your clients for free.

Basically, the advantage of PowerTradeCopier is that speed of copying does not depend on the location of the client or any other parameters. Copy goes straight from the broker account to the client. There is no need to pass this transaction through php of ftp protocol, thus you can avoid huge delays.
The delay of PowerTradeCopier is equal to zero. (Broker execution time).

PowerTradeCopier is faster than MT4 terminal, because it can use multiple streams and has no internal delay.

Furthermore, with PowerTradeCopier your transactions are protected against break-in by third parties, because there is no need to use php or ftp transferring.

Thank you for your attention.